History Of Taekwondo



 Taekwondo is not just any typical fighting skills since it is also known to be an approach to martial arts.  Taekwondo involves tough training in both mind and body, and with this, we can be able to uplift our life and spirit. Today, it has grown into a worldwide sport that’s ascertained an international appeal, and is among one of the Olympic games.

 But the question is, do you even know the meaning of Tae Kwon Do?  In Korea, Taekwondo is only made up of one word, however, there are three distinct parts that comprises the word taekwondo which includes “Tae”, “Kwon” & “Do”  The three distinct parts has different meaning from each other, for instance, “Tae” meand “foot” or “to step on”, while “Kwon” means “fight” and “Do” means “discipline” or “way”.  If we combine these three distinct words together, then we can figure out what Taekwondo really means.

Taekwon-do Kanata is a path to control a fighting situation so the outcome of the situation is peace.  “To put Fists under control” is the very meaning of the term Tae Kwon, which gave the reason to form an idea about control and peace. Thus Taekwondo means “the right way of using all of your body parts to stop fights and help to create a world with peace.”

Taekwondo has developed alongside the history of Korea and has been represented by several different labels in throughout the course of its history.  “Taekkyon” or “Subak” is what Taekwondo is called before in Korea when it was just still a defense martial art, however, it has been a way of challenging body and mind in the ancient kingdom of Koguryo, under the rule of “Sunbae”. In the Shilla period, it had become the backbone of Hwarangdo that focused on producing leaders of the country.

Taekwondo today is similar to arts in other Asian countries and combines concepts and ideas with them, because throughout its history it has incorporated many different styles that were in the countries that surrounded them, like Japan and China.

 However, compared to other oriental martial arts, taekwondo is quite different from them.  Taekwondo also considers having dynamic active moments which includes a mirage of foot skills, thus, making taekwondo different from other oriental martial arts.  Another distinctive feature of taekwondo is that, its physical movements are connected with the mind and life as a whole.

 As soon as you participate in Taekwondo, you should follow some instructions such as focusing your mind and synchronize it with your movements, and also, you have to spread the kind of harmony to your life and to the people that surrounds you.

Kickboxing Kanata can surely give a lots of benefits to a person since it can improve the growth of one’s spirit and it can improve life through different activities. This is why one could say Taekwondo is a way of life.


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